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Lionza, Centovalli, Ticino, current project. Historic building restoration:

The restoration project of the heirtage ensemble, developed in 2006, was updated after discussions between the Fondazione Casa Tondü and the Office of Cultural Heritage in Ticino.

The intended use of the Palazzo has not changed from the original proposal, but to better define the interventions of the project it was agreed to deepen the study of the buildings with stratigraphic survey and photographic surveys. Therefore, students of the conservation and restoration class at the SUPSI headed by Prof. Jacopo Gilardi and photographer Sabrina Montiglia were involved. The results of the study made it possible to redefine a new conservation project, to restore dignity to this important historical testimony of the Centovalli.

In 2021, the Fondazione Casa Tondü launched an ideas competition for the realisation of the project and the search for operators for the future functioning and utilisation of the building. The results were presented in 2022 and the proposals of the Fondation Patrimoine en chantier and the TondO association were selected for further elaboration.

Photo: Sabrina Montiglia & Philippe Weissbrodt

Palazzo Tondü