Plank & Partner covers various sectors. Our customers are challenging individuals, looking for special and customized solutions. Whether it’s a new construction, an intervention inside urban area or the transformation of a cottage, we provide functional and customized spaces, paying attention to bioclimatic technologies and environmental protection.

New constructions:

In the construction of new buildings, special attention is paid to proper insertion into the landscape. Energy saving is another aspect that is important to us that, together with a clear and specific construction, guarantees a perfect functionality of space. The attention to details leads to the execution of a particular object, specially designed to meet the customers needs.


Restorations are often addressed to small buildings and poor illumination. To ensure a healthy and pleasant environment, we pay special attention in the search for solutions that ensure a maximum of light and functionality. We try to encourage the use of traditional materials and the introduction of new elements, creating a harmony between ancient and modern architecture.

Historic buildings:

Interventions in this field range from small historic houses to monument protection. The first task is to study the building and its history, with the possible elimination of elements foreign to the building. Even in the execution of traditional stone roofs we seek specific solutions with the aid of modern technology, including them in the historical context of the building.

Public projects:

It is a very wide area that includes the design of outdoor spaces, the planning of urban areas and public meeting places, such as bars, restaurants, shops and other public buildings. Projects that thrills us and stimulates the search for new solutions.


We put special attention in the care of details, to provide to the customer a high quality finished product, in accordance with his specific needs and its tastes. The result of this process is a very special environment and spaces in which one feels comfortable.