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Corcapolo, Centovalli, Ticino, 2020. New construction of a single family house:

Once used as a vineyard, the plot of land slopes steeply to the south and is divided by terraces and its traditional stone walls..

The new building, designed as the main residence of the owners, is arranged perpendicular to the terraces and with its volume, dimensions and proportions it picks up the architecture of the surroundings.

The sleeping area is located on the ground floor. It is supplemented to the slope and parallel to it by a socket building which takes up the typology of the stone terraces and adds living and utility rooms to the main volume on each side, and forms a west and east terrace on the upper floor.

The living area is located on the first floor and makes use of the volume down to the sub-roof, whereby the roof pitch and construction are visible. A smaller attic, located above the kitchen and dining area, is accessible both internally via stairs and from the outside.

The ground slab and socket building are made of reinforced concrete, on top of which the building volume is constructed as a prefabricated wooden structure (by Renggli).

Casa a Corcapolo