Avegno, Ticino, 2017. Restoration, renovation:

The building is located in Avegno-Gordevio, in the place called Sèrt.
The building, originally a stable, has undergone renovations with a change of use and is now used as a holiday home. On the ground floor of the building the presence of high humidity is evident, certainly caused by the lack of waterproofing of the upstream wall, or at least by a bad execution of the same.

Assuming that it would be costly to clean the existing building from dampness, the project proposes a change in geometry, keeping the ground floor as the plinth of the building and rotating the upper floor 90 degrees towards the valley floor. The building will consist of a prefabricated wooden unit, clad with panels of the same material. This new unit will contain, in a small and organised space, everything a family needs to live in Vallemaggia, according to current living standards.

Holiday home in Avegno