520 RASA - vista 780x438
520 VERDASIO - vista 780x438
Centovalli, Ticino, 2020: cable car stations, invited competition

The two stations have been designed maintaining as much as possible the existing infrastructure and showcasing the technical installations of the Verdasio – Rasa cable car.

The station of Verdaxsio is an intersection, an open “square” where the train stops and cars are invited to slow down, to allow the passage of slow traffic leaving to explore the Centovalli and to perceive the surrounding landscape. The architecture is subordinate to the needs of the infrastructure, and the various platforms and track systems determine perception, inserting themselves, by contrast, into the environment.

Rasa station, on the other hand, is part of the landscape and has a closed “courtyard” that welcomes passengers, offering only one exit to the village of Rasa and the universe of the surrounding mountains. The “courtyard” and the outbuildings take on the appearance and dimensions of the environment and act as an atrium space for the village of Rasa.

cable car Verdasio – Rasa